Bomb Cosmetics Fizzy Rascal...
Bomb Cosmetics Fizzy Rascal...

Bomb Cosmetics Fizzy Rascal Watercolours 150gr

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Get bizzy with the fizzy! Discover a world of explosive colours and fragrance! 

Fragrance: Jojoba

Mood :Uplifting


 Fix up and look sharp with stimulating Grapefruit and Mandarin essential oils to energise the mind

The Watercolours Range have a completely new formulation, and it includes Kaolin clay, releasing a gently foaming slow effervescence, and pure essential oils! This allows the colours to drift across the top of the foam in a kaleidoscope of colour and art.

How To Use: Drop into a warm bath and watch as the Watercolours fizz & create art in your bath water while releasing their pure essential oils.

Mandarin, Grapefruit
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