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Fresh Line HERA Regenerating & Rejuvenating Clarifying Toner 200ml

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with rose & sandalwood

antiaging for mature skin

  • It completes the cleansing process leaving the skin toned and refreshed while maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin.
  • Fruit acids from myrtle, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon remove dead cells to facilitate the penetration of beneficial ingredients when moisturizing.
  • The therapeutic essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, sage and blue chamomile offer regenerating, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties imparting a smooth and glowing complexion.
  • Alcohol free.

    Facial toner especially indicated for delicate and mature skin with fine lines and signs of aging.

USE:  After cleansing, dab with a cotton pad over face & neck. Repeat until the cotton is completely clean. 2. After applying facial masks or before hydration. 3. During the day, especially in summer time, dab face to freshen up.

Our Tea : We replace water in the formula with beneficial tea infusion from 8 organic herbs that grow in the island of Crete (chamomile, marjoram, sage, mountain tea, rosemary, dittany, thyme, lavender). Thus even the base of the recipe contributes to healthy skin, offering toning, antioxidant and hydrating qualities.

We don’t use: Silicone, Parabens, SLS / SLES, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, PEG, Animal Tested Ingredients, Collagen, Triethanolamine, GMOs, Carbomer

Almond, natural sugars, Jojoba oil, Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Bitter Orange, Lavender, Orange, Sage
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