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Greenyard cosmetics with natural virgin olive oil from Creta.

GREENYARD products
Our company has been used its over-30 years of experience in the cosmetics and cosmeceuticals development and production in order to create the GREENYARD-olive line. After systematical and thorough research, we launched in the market in 2007 a wide range of products that cover all consumer needs under the brand name of GREENYARD for face, body and hair; and are based on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from CRETE-GREECE (olive oil of the highest quality that has not been chemically processed) plus the Olive Leaves Extract that give to the products nourishing, protective, antioxidant, softening and moisturizing properties. Every product has been considered for specialized action and combines OLIVE with a unique complex of other plant components, vitamins and active ingredients in order to provide the ideal result.

Excellent quality and efficiency of the GREENYARD products:
+ Raw materials with proved efficacy are used. 
+ The right amount and best combination of raw materials is used. 
+ They are rich in plant components (extracts and oils), vitamins, active ingredients eg peptides, plant derivatives, essential oils, natural waxes. 
+ Fresh, discrete and not allergenic perfume is used. 
+ There is no artificial colour.
+ Texturing agents for nice after-feel and even spreading are used.
+ Preservatives in the minimum possible quantity are used with proven efficacy that are safe and also used in the food industry for years and are accepted worldwide.
+ They are Dermatologically Tested and Biobasic classifies them as Not Irritant. 
+ The research and development, the manufacturing process and all the necessary tests/controls are conducted under high quality conditions and standards.

Olive words
Olive is widely known for its beneficial action. It’s a symbol of piece, glory and longevity and is an inseparable part of the Mediterranean culture where from  the ancient times it was used not only as food but also as a material for pharmaceutical and cosmetic remedies. In ancient Greece its cultivation began at Crete from where it expanded to the other areas. Nowadays Crete is famous for the production of high quality olive oil with rich beneficial properties.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items