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ΕLΩΤΙΑ, a name synonymous with our mysterious history. The history of our land, Crete. Ancient

Crete and «ΕLΩΤΙΑ », the devotional name of Europa. The beautiful daughter of king Aginora. Europa

fascinated the god Zeus, who infatuated by her beauty, metamorphosed into a white bull, abducted

her and took her to Crete.

According to the legend, in her honor, the continent was named after her. For her sake, the annual

«ΕLΩΤΙΑ» was organized, a celebration dedicated to the joy that emanated from the resurrection of

nature, in which they wove wreaths on her statue.

Wreaths with lilies, symbolizing rebirth, was therefore our design inspiration. Protagonist then and

now the olive. Cretan organic olive, scientifically known as Olea Europaea, the olive of Europe.

Coexists with the natural active ingredients found generously in nature and highlights them. A unique

composition, with beneficial and cosmetic properties. Enriched with aromatic and discreetly essential


ΕLΩΤΙΑ promotes beauty, health and wellness. The natural and organic products of ΕLΩΤΙΑ are

dermatologically tested and certified by the european NATRUE organization. Discover the hidden

secret, solve the mystery. The absolute sense of natural beauty. ΕLΩΤΙΑ, beauty is in our nature!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items