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Bio Aroma Anti-cellulite cream / 200ml


Anti-cellulite cream With Rosemary, Cypress and Black Peper

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The pure essential oil blend contained in the cream can help to increase the circulation and flushing out the toxins. It can smooth the lumpy appearance of the skin.


What is cellulite; How to create;


The cellulite in general, is the fat that is stored below the surface of the skin, creating a not so aesthetic image, and has similar characteristics as an orange peel. Usually, if you tighten the outside of the degrees you with your hands can distinguish exogkomatakia these that testify the existence of cellulite at this point.


The reasons for the appearance of cellulite and how it is visible to the eye, are sufficient:


Genes, sex, age, play an important role, but the main one is the thickness of the skin along with the fat we have in our body.



How is it different and how this helps the custard;


Here comes to give the solution 100% vegetable cream against cellulite comprising:




-Cypresses and




perfect ingredients for the appearance of orange peel.


The mixture of essential oils contained in the cream activates the combustion of accumulated fat and directly lipolytic activity in the epidermis.


With daily use thus making therapeutic massage locally at entopizetai that the problem will prevent the worst and definitely will get the desired results, ie to see a big visible improvement, while making more smooth and supple your skin.


Avoid use during breastfeeding period
(Contact us to make a special mix for you)


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Bio Aroma Anti-cellulite cream / 200ml

Bio Aroma Anti-cellulite cream / 200ml

Anti-cellulite cream With Rosemary, Cypress and Black Peper

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