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Bioaroma Natural Face Botox


Natural Face Botox

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The package contains:

1. 24h Αnti-aging Face Cream

The precious beeswax is enriched with Cistus extract, herb known since ancient times for its anti-aging action. These two ingredients are used as a base of this cream, where precious essential oils can be diluted.

Bioaroma mostly uses Dittany and neroli essential oils for this cream, which can quickly improve the elasticity of the skin and regenerate the skin cells.

-       Use the cream daily twice. Can be used around eyes too! It is 100% natural, therefore can be used also on lips.

-       The secret of Bioaroma’s products is to use a tiny amount. One touch is enough to cover the whole face

2. Serum Anti-Aging with aloe and aladania

With Aloe Vera gel, dittany, labdanum, wild rose extract


Spray the anti-aging eye serum, once, on your ring finger. Dab gently around the eye area. Start near the bottom-inside area of the eye, near the tear duct, and work your way around your eye until the topoutside corner. Repeat until serum is absorbed into the skin. This is a very gentle touch. Avoid to rub or pull at your skin.


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Bioaroma Natural Face Botox

Bioaroma Natural Face Botox

Natural Face Botox

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